Nine of the Most Absurd Auction Items Ever

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As the internet grew in popularity, it became a medium for people to transact with each other. This then gave birth to e-commerce.

Because of this, you can buy almost anything online these days, from food, clothes, houses, and so on and so forth.

Now, while most of these transactions seem pretty normal, some are so out of the norm that you’d never believe they were even sold.

In this list, we’ll look at nine of the weirdest, shocking and most absurd things that were ever put up for auction online!


1. A Group of Four Men

Back in 2006, a group consisting of four men from Australia put themselves up for auction.

Back in 2006, a group consisting of four men from Australia put themselves up for auction.

They promised to whoever would win the auction a weekend with “a lot of beer, snacks and a hell lot of laughs”.

The “package” also included one anonymous celebrity that they would only name once someone had won the auction.

Now, if you think that a girl won the auction, then you’re gladly mistaken. On February 9, a guy from Sydney, Australia bought the group with a bid of $45,000!

The celebrity included turned out to be Rob Kardashian.

And, as to how the weekend turned out to be for the winner, well, not much details has surfaced since then.


2. Entire Life

Back in June 2008, a man named Ian Usher put his entire life up to that moment for auction. His reason? He wanted to let go of his old memories and start anew.

His deal included his personal belongings such as his three bedroom house in Western Australia and everything in it, from his car, to his jet ski and even parachuting gear.

He even threw in his job where the company where he was working for offered the successful bidder a two-week trial with an option to be permanent.

Not only that, his friends back in Perth were more than willing to help the successful bidder fit in with Ian Usher’s old life.

A few months later, the successful bidder won the auction with a bid of $384,000.

Hey, not bad, given that Ian Usher’s life is something that most people would want to live.


3. Ghost in a Jar

Auctions are almost always held for a charitable purpose. This is why they’re such a huge hit worldwide.

Some people though, just take it a little bit too far such as when a 23-year-old man tried to sell a ghost back in September 2010 to raise money for a cancer foundation.

And, to “sweeten” the deal the man included a jar which supposedly was the the ghost’s home.

While the deal may sound fun and even better if somebody bought it, eBay decided to go buzz kill and remove the item.

In a later statement, they said that it was against their policy to sell “intangible items”.

Maybe, just maybe, if the guy had just sold the ghost in its “physical form” somebody may have bought it.

Nice try, though.


4. A Chance To Stay on Top of Marilyn Monroe Forever

Businessmen always seem to know how to make money, and they seem to pass this ability on to their widows even after they’re dead.


Back in 2009, the widow of the late Richard Poncher sold her husband’s burial plot on Ebay to raise money to pay off her mortgage.

While most people don’t usually pay huge money for burial plots, this one had a huge upside to it.

This is because Elsie Poncher’s burial plot was directly above Marilyn Monro’s in LA’s Westwood Village Cemetery.

For a chance to “stay on top of Marilyn Monroe forever” is something that lot of guys would pay top money for. And, it wasn’t long for the lot to sell for a whopping $4.6 million!

Now, to check which celebrities are buried near my burial plot.


5. Advertising Space on the Forehead

Would you ever have a tattoo on your forehead? Well, most people wouldn’t. This is because not only is it conspicuous, but it’s hard to have it removed later on.

Can you just imagine how painful it is to have a laser go through your forehead?

This is why it comes as a shock that a woman would ever put a tattoo on her forehead, let alone use it as an advertising space.

Then again, this is exactly what a woman named Kari Smith did back in 2005. She says that she offered to turn herself into a walking billboard because she needed the money to send her son to a private school.

With a price of $10,000, Smith’s forehead was “sold” to, who already had more than 100 other parts of the body as ads in their resume.


6. Sports Car for Less Than a Dollar

Back in 2005, the enraged then-wife of Kerrang 105.2′s Tim Shaw put up her husband’s prized car for sale at ebay for just 77 cents.

The reason? Mrs. Shaw was sick and tired of Tim parading around as if he didn’t have a family and a wife to care for.

And, a live interview with Jodie Marsh was the last straw for her. In which, during the said interview, Tim Shaw told the model that he was willing to leave his wife and two children for her.

Let this be a warning for married guys out there, NEVER EVER FLIRT ON NATIONAL TV or RADIO.


7. Partially Eaten Toast With a Famous Face on It 

The internet is home to some of the most peculiar items ever sold, and even more peculiar buyers too. Though, of all the things ever sold, the weirdest would be certain types of food that have people’s faces on them.

Just in eBay alone, you’ll find plenty of sandwiches that contain the faces of Spongebob, Hello Kitty and Ron Artest, just to name a few.

None, however, compare to the famous sandwich with the image of Virgin Mary which sold for about $28,000.

This happened way back in 2004, so just imagine how much this piece of “junk” would have sold for these days.

Kinda makes you think twice before munching down on that morning meal of yours, doesn’t it?

Smithsonian - Ice Age

8. A 50,000 Year-Old Mammoth

“Max” the mammoth is one of the most famous and complete examples of the prehistoric cousin of Elephants known as Mammoths.

It’s as close as anyone can get to seeing them live in action, which is why when its owners sold off its bones, the internet couldn’t get more excited as to who the new owner would be.

After all, Max could theoretically be used to clone other mammoths to create a real-life Jurassic Park of sorts.

Sold for $95,000 or £61,000 has found a new home since then, who’s full details aren’t exactly that known.

As far as for Max’s previous owner, he says that the only reason why he sold the woolly mammoth’s skeleton was that he needed the space that it occupied for something else.

Judging by how deep the dutch man’s pocket goes, it might be something bigger and grander than Max.

Who knows?


9. A Snot-Filled Tissue

Speaking of DNA extraction and cloning, the last item could very well be something that almost every man would want to get their hands on.

What is it, you may ask? It’s a snotty tissue of the Sex-Symbol Superstar Scarlet Johansson. As an added bonus, she was the one who put it up for auction online herself and it also has her own autograph!

It wasn’t long for get sold, as a charitable bidder bought it for $5,300 (£3,600).

So, for those who are planning to make their own army of Scarlet Johannson’s, this may be your chance to do so.